Analyst reports.

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Analyst Reports 2017

Analyst Reports 2017
December 13th 2017

EDISON - Encouraging LAG-3 combo data at SITC

November 29th 2017

Maxim - IMP321 + Keytruda: Positive Data in Melanoma to be Presented at SITC

November 16th 2017

Maxim - IMP321 (LAG-3Ig) Heating up the T cell Response for Keytruda in Melanoma - New Data To Be Presented at-SITC

October 11th 2017

Edison - Support for anti-LAG-3 and APC-activator combos

September 7th 2017

Edison - Support for Anti-Lag-3 and APC-Activators Combos

August 2nd 2017

Maxim Research - Understanding LAG-3 Function in Controlling T Cells- Grant Funding Awarded to Prima

July 2nd 2017

Maxim PBMD Report - Coming to the Next Checkpoint: LAG-3 and Prima has the Right Partner in Novartis

June 2nd 2017

Edison - Preliminary LAG-3 combo data in breast cancer

March 2nd 2017

Edison - Initial LAG-3 combo data presented

February 2nd 2017

H.C. Wainwright - Looking Ahead to a Catalyst-Rich 2017; Reiterate Buy

February 2nd 2017

Edison - Prima BioMed - AIPAC Phase IIb starts randomized component

January 2nd 2017

FRB & Co. - Green Shoots from Broad Clinical Progress Are Emerging

January 2nd 2017

Research Note – Ongoing strong data support LAG-3 pipeline