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FAQ - Change of company name from 'Prima BioMed Limited' to 'Immutep Limited'

November 21st 2017

Change of company name from ‚Prima BioMed Limited‘ to ‚Immutep Limited‘

Prima BioMed has changed its name to Immutep following shareholder approval at its Annual General Meeting on 17 November 2017.

The name change follows a transformational period for the Company from a single product cancer vaccine developer to a multi-product, global leader in LAG-3 immunotherapy.

Immutep S.A.S was acquired in 2014 and has been operating as a 100% owned subsidiary. The name Immutep is strongly associated with LAG-3 through the work of its founder and the Company’s CMO and CSO, Dr. Frederic Triebel.

The name Immutep more closely represents the Company’s corporate identity and activities and will better leverage the growing reputation of LAG-3 for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Subject to the relevant regulatory approvals, the Company’s new name will take effect on 1 December 2017. Please refer to the shareholder FAQ below for further information.

FAQ - Change of company name from, Prima BioMed Limited ' to , Immutep Limited'


What is the Company’s new name?

Immutep Limited


What is the reason for changing the name to Immutep Limited?

The name Immutep already has a strong association with LAG-3 and its founder, Dr Frederic Triebel, the company’s CMO and CSO. With the company’s sole focus now on its LAG-3 development pipeline, management believes the new name will better leverage LAG-3’s rapidly growing industry recognition and help to attract further investor interest.


What approvals are required?

The name change was approved by shareholders at the 2017 AGM on 17 November. It now remains to be approved by ASIC and the ASX in Australia and the SEC in the US.


When will the name change take effect?

Subject to regulatory approvals, on 1 December 2017.


What will be the new share tickers after the name change?




When will the company’s shares start trading under the new listing codes?

At this stage, it is expected that shares will commence trading on the ASX and Nasdaq on 1 December 2017.


What does this mean for my shareholding in PRR or PBMD?

There will be no change to shareholdings. Shares in PRR on the ASX will automatically be transferred to shares in IMM. Shares in the company’s ADR program under the PBMD ticker on Nasdaq will automatically change to IMMP.


What do I need to do to claim my shares in Immutep?

Nothing. The change over will be automatic.


When can I no longer trade shares in Prima BioMed?

You can continue to trade your Prima BioMed securities following the name change.

The only difference will be your securities will cease trading under ASX Code PRR on 30 November 2017 and will automatically begin trading under ASX Code IMM from the commencement of trade on 1 December 2017 (AEDT) (subject to regulatory approvals).


Will I receive any notification in relation to my shareholding in Immutep?

Following the name change (expected to be on or around 1 December 2017), you will receive notification from Boardroom that you now hold shares in Immutep.


What will it mean for the company’s operations?

It will be business-as-usual as far as the day-to-day running of operations.


Will there be a new company website and logo?

Yes – the new company website will be available following approval of the name change. The Company’s new logo is available to view on the current Prima BioMed website at


Where can I access information about my shareholding?

You can contact share registry company Boardroom on 1300 737 760 (within Australia), +61 2 9290 9600 (outside Australia), or via email: in relation to ASX-listed shares. For US NASDAQ-listed ADR holders, you can contact BNY Mellon on +1 212 815 2267 or via email:

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