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Dr. Frédéric Triebel Presented at the World Immunotherapy Congress 2017

October 31st 2017

SYDNEY, Australia, Oct. 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prima BioMed Ltd (ASX:PRR) (NASDAQ:PBMD) (“Prima”) announces that Dr. Frédéric Triebel, Prima’s Chief Scientific Officer and Medical Officer, gave an oral presentation at the World Immunotherapy Congress 2017 in Basel, Switzerland at 5.50pm CEST on October 31, 2017.

The presentation included the following information and data:

  • Overview of Lymphocyte Activation Gene-3 (LAG-3) and its structural relationship to the other MHC class II ligand, CD4;
  • Therapeutic potential of engaging (in cancer) or suppressing (in auto-immune diseases) the human immune response by modulating either LAG-3 or its ligand MHC class II;
  • Overview of the unique structure of Prima’s lead product candidate, eftilagimod alpha (LAG-3Ig or IMP321), as a MHC class II agonist and antigen presenting cell activator; and
  • Review of Prima’s ongoing oncology-focused clinical trials of eftilagimod alpha (AIPAC, TACTI-mel and INSIGHT) including:
    • Immune monitoring data from the run-in phase of the AIPAC clinical trial showing robust infiltration of T cells  around tumor noduleswith some  T cells infiltrating the nodules following 13 eftilagimod alpha s.c. injections in a metastatic breast cancer patient treated with paclitaxel weekly; and
    • Three patients have been recruited for Stratum A (intratumoral (i.t.)) and Stratum B (intraperitoneal (i.p.)) of the INSIGHT clinical trial.

The TACTI-mel Phase 1 clinical trial, being undertaken in Australia, is investigating the use of eftilagimod alpha in combination with pembrolizumab (KEYTRUDA) in metastatic melanoma patients. The patients eligible to participate in the TACTI-mel Phase 1 clinical trial are those that have either had no response or a suboptimal response to KEYTRUDA monotherapy as a first-line of treatment.

New data in relation to the first and second patient cohort of TACTI-mel will be presented at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 2017 meeting on 10-12 November, as previously announced.

A copy of  Dr Triebel’s presentation slides presented at the World Immunotherapy Congress 2017 is available on Prima’s website in the Presentations section of the Investors tab at

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